Consul General YAMAJI offered prayers at the statue of goddess of mercy and memorial monument (12th May 2022)

Consul General, Hideki YAMAJI offered flowers at the statue of the goddess of mercy and on the memorial monument commemorating the fourteenth Southern Army hospital on Thursday, May 12, 2022.
The imperial Army and Navy stationed in the Cebu Island, had battles with The U.S. forces when they landed the island in March 1945. As a result, about 6,000 Japanese soldiers are said to have died. The statue of the goddess of mercy was established at a place where the Naval forces once had a camp, in May 1983 by the bereaved families and survivors of the Cebu naval forces and Army Parachute 3.4 forces and other volunteers.
The fourteenth Southern Army hospital was located in Cebu from August 1942 to April 1945. The hospital was forced to shift to many places in the Philippines as the military situation worsened. The hospital had 455 medical staff and 600 to 800 patients during the peak period, only 30% of them survived when the war ended. The Vincente Sotto Memorial Medical Hospital is operating in the place where the fourteenth Army hospital was located.