Greetings from Consul General Hideaki MATSUO

Dear people of the Visayas Region,
Maayong Adlaw!
My name is Hideaki MATSUO. I am the new Consul General of Japan in Cebu, the Philippines.
I have joined the foreign service back in 1987. Since then, I have served in the countries such as Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Myanmar and Australia.
I have assumed my post late January 2024, just after the famous "Sinulog" festival.
During my tenure as the Consul General, I have a mission to achieve, i.e., to promote the relationship between Japan and the Philippines, especially the Visayas Region, in the fields of economy, culture, Japanese language, etc.
I have a lot to learn about the region, people, culture, nature, food, and many more. I will try to pay official visits to the whole 16 provinces in Visayas Region and I am looking forward to meeting with people who have already established the relations with Japan, and those who will have such relations into the future.
I will be posting any such activities on Facebook and the website of my office.
The addresses are:
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